A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® isn’t your basic real estate agent. Professionals with this designation have taken the time to invest in special training so they’re better prepared to help adults age 50 and older navigate the realities of buying or selling their homes. When you have adult children, need to scale down, or need to consider options like living in a retirement community, Seniors Real Estate Specialist® agent like Jack Cooper can help.

Here are five reasons why you should try to find a SRES®-certified agent.

1. Get Advice About Assistance Programs

SRES® professionals are trained to assist with a variety of senior concerns related to home ownership, and they’re typically familiar with agencies and programs throughout your area. They can provide information about assistance options at the federal, state and local level that can help you save money when purchasing a new home or selling an existing home and moving to a new community.

2. Receive Referrals to a Variety of Professionals

SRES® professionals are well-versed in needs specific to seniors.  They can help evaluate the needs in a current home and provide referrals for professionals who can make modifications to ensure a senior can age in place. They can help find a senior living community that meets your needs. They can make recommendations on local senior groups, geriatric care managers and other services and organizations. If you’re a senior or a loved one of a senior who has questions about real estate, an SRES®-certified agent can help.

3. Buy a Home With Help From Someone Who Understands Your Needs

If you’re a senior who want to downsize or move into a community where you can find your people and have access to long-term care, work with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®. These agents are attuned to the specific needs of older adults. An agent with this designation knows to concentrate on factors such as safety and access to medical care rather than schools, and they know the ins and outs of buying into special retirement communities.

4. Learn Whether a Reverse Mortgage Is Right For You

If you’ve been thinking about a reverse mortgage but aren’t sure this is the right financial tool for this time in your life, consider getting into contact with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®. The agent can provide advice or recommend the right professional to help you make a decision about your home’s value and next steps.

5. Sell Your Home With Help From a Caring Professional

Finally, if you’re a senior who want to sell your home to support a move to a different area or environment, you may want to work with someone who understands the challenges and needs inherent in moving from a long-time residence. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® understands exactly what that means and can provide referrals and assistance throughout the process, from decluttering a full home for listing purposes to investing in the right space for the next chapter in your life.

If you would like to see everything a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can offer and you live in Baltimore or one of the surrounding areas, call Jack Cooper today.